Steel Brands Pvt Ltd has donated a water point to aid the Houghton Park community have access to safe drinking water at its’ plant in Houghton Park recently. Residents can now access free borehole water from the water point provided by Steel Brands. This was done as a gesture of compassion and concern for the health of the community.

Council has not been able to provide the suburb wit reliable water supplies. Steel Brands took it upon themselves as its social responsibility to assist the Houghton Park community with clean, safe, and reliable water for the Houghton Park community after noticing the community’s need.

“We are happy to provide the community with safe borehole water”, Said Steel Brands General Manager Mr Prasheel Chauhan.

Steel Brands manufactures deformed bars to BS4449 standards and operates in Houghton Park. Deformed bars are mainly used in the construction industry for foundations and support structures.

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